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Sora Heights (34.4 hectares)
Property has potential for 30-50 homes on larger lots.

Acces Trails

Breathtaking View


Rolling Hill

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Access Road to Property:

  Small road through great vista

Access road has had considerable work and improvement

Entrance and Arterial Roads Description within Property:

Arterial road to a good vista point is required.

Development Options:

Cleaning of property is underway. Careful study required to determine
optimal arterial roadway locations within the project.

Magnificent ocean and valley vistas.

Exceed Altos Del Maria  standards as a marketing strategy Larger homes on larger lots of 3000 to 4000 SM

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Property Features for Marketing Purposes:
  • Large one acre lots.
  • Cool weather.
  • Quiet country.
  • Ocean vistas with 360 degree views.
  • Hiking trails.
  • Some fruit trees.

Sora_Heights (pronounced, sore-AH) is a small mountain town overlooking the Pacific Ocean just 1 hour from Panama City. This area provides the best of three worlds for retirees: Mountain Climate, Ocean Views, Proximity to City & Beach

Why do we like Sora_Heights for investment?

1. Weather: The cool mountain air is a climate extremely popular with
many foreign retirees who want moderate weather and less heat than sea level

2. Location: There might not be a more exciting location in Panama.
Imagine being just 1 hour to a fantastic city, 20 minutes to beaches, enjoying ocean views and a cool mountain climate? Sounds like Northern California...without the insane taxes or land values!

3. Prices: Although prices have risen somewhat as foreigners discover this hidden gem, the area still represents an incredible value for the savvy


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