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Pedasi - Mariabe Ocean
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Potential for 700 to 1000 residences on larger lots in several phases over the next 3-5 years.
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Asphalted Road


Beautiful Scenary



Fertile Land
Paradise In Pedasi New Marina!!!
Land development update for this property
Land development update for this property

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With care and good design, this property has huge potential for 700 to 1000 residences on larger lots in several phases over the next 3-5 years.

Ocean Views from many locations

Access Road to Property:
Excellent access from Pedasi main road and then only 5-8 minutes from the Inter American highway.

Entrance and Arterial Roads Description within Property:
Arterial roads will be exceptionally easy and inexpensive to construct with optimal sized lots probably in the 2500 to 4000 SM area.

Development Options:

Cleaning/clearing of property is well underway and not a major issue. A careful planting program should be considered once the internal roadways and a plot plan are established. Valuable ocean front land must be carefully developed for homes and common access etc.

Land development update

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Property Features for Marketing Purposes:
  • Great ocean vistas.
  • Beach access.
  • Outstanding marina potential.
  • Opposite Isla Iguana.
  • Possible “chip and put” course or even a smaller 9 hole course with surrounding higher priced homes.
  • Excellent common area on the beach.
  • Good hiking trails, some fruit trees etc.
  • Excellent potential for a 4-5 hectare commercial site and strong local demand for a rental housing project near main Pedasi road.

Pedasi is a 2.5 hour drive from Coronado on excellent roads. It is aproximately 3.5 hours from Panama City. Also, Air Panama  flies to Pedasi three times a week. The Pedasi airport is less than 1 kilometers away from the property.

Other exceptional five star developments are flourishing such as www.azueros.com and the new Panama´s Eco Boutique development designed by Calvin Klein.

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