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Rock Crusher Analysis April 2007




Analysis of Crushed Stone Production for Roadways to and within Existing Properties




Average cost for one cubic yard of crushed stone delivered without 5% sales tax in large truck


Estimated new cost to purchase and deliver a "Jaw Crusher" for Crushed Stone production


Value of crusher machine at the end of 5 years




Analysis of Costs to "Self-Produce" Crushed Stone for Roadways




Cost to produce one cubic yard including labor, energy, maintenance and on site raw materials


Cost of loading/transporting per yard using a contracted truck "on site"


Total cost per yard to produce, load and truck


Potential saving per yard (without 5% sales tax)




Cubic Yards per lineal foot for a 20 foot wide road with 3 inches depth (quality road)


Lineal feet of roadway


Width of roadway in feet


Depth of crushed stone in feet


Cubic feet of crushed stone required per lineal foot of roadway


Cubic yards of crushed stone required per lineal foot of roadway




Estimated total length of roadways required per hectare including "access" roads (in meters)


Approximate number of hectares presently owned


Possible total roadway length required to service existing properties (in meters)


Total roadway length required for existing properties (in feet)




Cubic yards of crushed stone needed for surfacing roadways in existing properties


Weeks per year for planning and construction purposes


Estimated number of years for machine ownership


Number of weeks for planning period with one "rock crusher" machine


Yards of crushed stone production needed per week over the 5 year period for existing properties


Yards of crushed stone per truckload using medium sized truck


Number of loads of crushed stone required for delivery to sites per week


Number of loads of crushed stone required for delivery to sites per day (one per hour)




Cost of crushed stone at regular retail prices delivered to site with 5% sales tax




Cost of crushed stone if "self-produced" and delivered to sites by contract truckers (no taxes)


Total estimated savings in constant dollars over 5 year life of machine


Annual estimated savings over 5 year planning period


Estimated payback period for "rock crusher" machine as % of a year


Estimated payback period for "rock crusher" machine in months




Advantages of Self-Producing Crushed Stone


High net savings per annum for road building purposes providing competitive advantage


Long term price protection against material cost increases as Canal Project starts up


Potential profit center for any excess production of crushed stone from crusher machine


Use of "free raw materials" as existing properties are enhanced





Property Occupation, Signage, Fencing and Cleanup

Property “occupation” is an important concept in Panamanian law. Every development property had an “occupation program” which ranged from someone actually living on the property, to workers showing up on a daily basis to clean the land, to grazing cattle.

Each property also has a large sign indicating ownership including with a telephone number for private or public enquiry purposes.

Each property currently has a customized “clean-up” and/or “clearing” program as required. Some properties appear to need minimum work in either of these categories. Others need substantial efforts and as a consequence may not be great candidates for early development.

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