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El Espinito No.1, 2 and 3 (62.4 hectares).
With care and good design, this property has potential for 100-140 homes on larger 2500+ SM lots.

Natural waterfalls



Flowers in Bloom

Land development update for this property

Land development update for this property

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Access Road to Property:

Only 5-8 minutes from the Inter American Highway and then a reasonable access from El Valle road. The road entrance requires improvement because of existing unattractive businesses

Entrance and Arterial Roads Description within Property:

Arterial roads will be relatively easy to develop and inexpensive to construct with optimal sized lots probably in the 2500 SM area.

Development Options:

Cleaning/clearing of property is well underway. A planting program might be considered once the internal roadways are established and a plot plan established. Water resources should be carefully developed for swimming, walking trails etc.
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Property Features for Marketing Purposes:
  • Great ocean vistas,
  • Excellent common area,
  • Hiking trails,
  • Extensive fruit trees in place near common area,
  • Excellent stream to be developed for picnics,
  • Swimming walking trails

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Electricity connection


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