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 Coronado Heights (40.5 hectares)
With care and good design, this property has potential for perhaps 30 homes on larger lots.

Breathtaking Scenery


Mountain Views

Coronado_Heights Views

Land development update for this property

A Little History Of Coronado_Heights
Coronado_Heights is the best-known and oldest beach resort in Panama. It has always had the reputation as a summer get-away for Panama¹s most influential families. This is where the bankers, lawyers and merchants of Panama come to relax with their families, play golf, sit by the pool and walk on the beach: a place to unwind. The atmosphere in Coronado_Heights is very relaxed and quiet with family and friends strolling down sandy beachside-lanes that are lined with bougainvillea and orchids to the beach. Beautiful young Panamanians walk on the beach and as the sun goes down the inhabitants of Coronado_Heights sit back and sip on Panamanian rum and enjoy Coronado_Heights´s famous breezes. Later residents head out to one of the many restaurants in Coronado_Heights and then on into the night. Panama is a very nocturnal country so there is always nightlife no matter where you are.

The beach at Coronado_Heights is the perfect place to lounge or swim or take a long walk. There is always a cool Pacific breeze blowing through Coronado_Heights; at night when the temperatures cool you have the desire to open up the windows and let the fresh sea air blow through your house. The mornings are for walking and reading or playing golf. For lunch there are a number of very good restaurants in Coronado_Heights that specialize in seafood; the Coronado_Heights Resort also has many excellent restaurants, Le Club is for fine dining, El Fogón Beach Club is a seaside grill and La Terrazas has an International Menu and a new pizzeria. At the entrance to Coronado_Heights there is a modern supermarket, bank, medical facilities and hotel. The quaint mountain town of El Valle is only a 45-minute drive and Panama City is only one-hour away. As a place to relax by the seaside, play golf, walk in the late evening, and have access to modern facilities, Coronado_Heights is excellent.

Land development update for this property

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Coronado_Heights Heights, is located less than 10 km from Coronado_Heights, surrounded by farms and tropical forest, The new Coronado_Heights Health Care facility, The Coronado_Heights golf course Hotel and facilities, Coronado_Heights equestrian club, El Rey
Supermarket which is one of the best in the country with a drug store, and El Valle at half an hour drive. Chame airport is a small civil airport located at aproximately 10 Km from Coronado_Heights with hangar available makes Coronado_Heights Heights, the best place to have a country house to rest and retire.

Access Road to Property:

Excellent access and only 5 minutes from the Inter American highway on fully paved road

Entrance and Arterial Roads Description within Property:

There is new arterial road to a good vista point. Strategic lookout
positions under way.

Development Options:

Cleaning of property is well underway. A planting program has been executed since the internal roadways are established.

This property could be developed specifically for "horse people" with
various "horse facilites" as part of the common social areas. A careful
study should be conducted to determine location optimal arterial roadways within the project.
We have improved the front entrance turnoff from highway
We have enhance arterial roads to access prime vistas Completed cleaning/clearing program
Construction of a front entrance is under way for "sense of arrival"
Identify optimal location for common social facilities
Plan "distinctive", "unique" community (e.g. horse people )
Integrate the many interesting rock formations

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Property Features for Marketing Purposes:

Extraordinary Ocean and mountain vistas. Exquisite views of "Cerro Picacho".

Less than 10 minutes from the world famous Coronado_Heights resort and beach clubs.
  • Good access road.
  • Large one acre lots.
  • Good ocean vistas.
  • Hiking trails.
  • Some fruit trees.
  • A small stream.
  • Unusual rock formations that will be attractive to some clients.
  • Close to the biggest and most important development in the panamian pacific coast:
    Already available a Supermarket, and a health center is under construction.


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Excellent stream


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