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Chame Heights (158 hectares)
Property has potential for 30-50 homes on larger lots.

View of Coronado

Healthy terrain

Water Front View

Coronado Overview

Hiking Trails

Mountain Terrain

Spectacular Ocean views

Land development update for this property

Land development update for this property

Watch media for this property

Access Road to Property:

Basic road access has been cut and established allowing automobile access.
This has greatly increased the value of the property.

Entrance and Arterial Roads Description within Property:

Basic but functional

Development Options:

Clean property and review best road access options ideally in cooperation with adjacent developers and neighbors to bring in Electricity.

Study alternate routes and adjacent properties Market to horse and mountain people.

Some concept planning still required to maximize property features

Plan around spectacular 360 degree ocean vistas

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Property Features for Marketing Purposes:
  • Large lots or “fincas”.
  • Horse back riding.
  • Quiet, incredible 360 degree vistas from some points.
  • Mountain trails and hiking.
  • Cool weather beside the ocean.
  • Great development in area:



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