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We are seeking for long term business partners: quality, visionary developers / home builders / investors.
The Panama  construction boom is a major factor in creating increased demand for country “second homes”. Read more

Panama has been sustaining a boom in real estate for the past 3 or more years and this activity is expected to continue for perhaps another decade. When land is improved, the price per square meter can double or even triple its value. Read more

Panama remains a very dynamic and democratic country built on a strategic piece of land.
After Switzerland, Panama is the largest international banking center in the world with almost 100 international banks.
The construction of the new Panama Canal has started a new era in country´s development.
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¿Why Pacific coast?
Pedasi (Paradise New Marina!!!)
Potential for 700 to 1000 residences on larger lots
El Copecito and Llano Bonito
 Potential for more than 100+ homes on larger 3000 to 4000+ SM lots

El Espinito No.1, 2
and 3

Potential for 100-140 homes on larger 2500+ SM lots.

Exceptional potential for a very high return as an exclusive residential community comprising  75-100 homes 
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